This isn’t the Snowball Skirmish???

by Mike Kendra on November 1, 2011

On Saturday, October 29th, 2011 mother nature decided to show us that she still gets to do what she wants and when she wants.

Cold. White. Snow.

What do you do if you’ve scheduled a skirmish in this stuff? Shoot, what else?

It was the 7th Virginia Halloween Skirmish held at Fort Shenandoah, featuring our sport as an unlikely winter challenge.

Now, for this weekend, I had to make a decision, do I skirmish on Saturday, or shoot video. I went with the latter, choosing to visit Antietam where I created this:


That turned out better than I planned, so then I loaded my truck for Sunday, planning to shoot with the 12th Virginia on the Musket Team. Unfortunately I didn’t plan for my minor sniffles to turn into a full blown cold. I didn’t get out of bed on time, and I was in no condition to shoot.

I did eventually make it to the range at around 11am, and I apologized to the team for my absence, and I managed to take these photos.

I really feel like I missed out on participating in a unique experience. I really wish I could have broken some targets onto freshly fallen snow, but it wasn’t to be.

Time to mark my calendar on January 13, 14, and 15, 2012, and see what Snowball Shooting is really like.

Stay warm this winter!

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