Skirmish Notes, The First Year in Review

by Mike Kendra on August 9, 2010

On August 9th, 2009 I wrote my first article in SkirmishNotes, and over the last year a awful lot has happened, it sure doesn’t seem like a year!

In honor of this first year anniversary I’ve reviewed my site and would like to feature a few noteworthy posts….

  • A post I really enjoyed writing: I really enjoyed writing “Best Musket Teams in Last 24 Years” because I was able to flip through old Skirmish Lines as I tabulated the information, it was a great project that deserves to be revisited.
  • My most helpful post: I believe “A Case for Life Memberships in the N-SSA”, technically written prior to my first blog post, was by far my most important writing to date, I only wish others would take a closer look at the idea.
  • A post with a title that I am proud of: I honestly need to get more creative with my post titles, the best I can come up with is “Splinter Stories”, a post about my experience shooting the stake event.

Here’s to another great year of Skirmishing!

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DlGibson August 9, 2010 at 8:21 am

You are doing a great job with your articles. They are interesting and informative. Keep up the good work!

Harry Hoyd August 9, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Thanks for the kind words Mike. Happy aniversary! Your blog has become one of my must checks on the computer in my seemingly ever so limited time. I turn here for the same reasons I turn to skirmishing; for a bit of a break from the hectic pace of modern life to a place where either common folks or folks in common (choose one … hell choose two if it fits) can kick around an opinion, idea, suggestion, observation, etc. and I believe all come out ahead in charactor and knowledge.
BTW … your piece on the Waterloo Village event was one of my favorites and like so many other times, I had comments in mind but life gets in the way before I get a chance to beat the keys. I don’t think few comments equals less interest or less enjoyment of the topic in all cases. I was a frequent visitor at Waterloo and miss it much. This article made me think back to my history with N-SSA and how my path and same crossed over the years but I never became a member until about 7 years ago. There might be a guest blog story there if only my time keeper would slow the pace.
I look forward to meeting you in person at a skirmish one day. Again, congrats on your first year and I look forward to many more.

11′th NJ PVI

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