No Water Pressure at National

by Mike Kendra on October 5, 2009

ToiletOn both Saturday and Sunday mornings of the October National Skirmish, bathrooms along the range side of the creek lost all water pressure for several hours.

Rumor floating around was that there was an electrical issue at the water pump, but due to the repeat problem on Sunday, my guess is that we were overtaxing the water system when we all had our morning flush at the pottys.

I didn’t have the opportunity to confirm the cause of the problem with the property manager.

These outages caused small panics as shooters tried to find open porta-potties, which where wheeled in quickly Saturday to fill in for the bone dry flush potties.

In one funny incident early Saturday about three of us skirmishers ended up with soap on our hands and no water to rinse with, that was an interesting situation to deal with.

This isn’t the first National skirmish that we’ve had to deal with loosing water pressure.

The question now is, how do we prevent this problem in the future?

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The Spouse October 5, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Wow. I do enjoy going to the fort with my dearest skirmisher, and I can endure not bathing myself or my children for up to 4 days. I can deal with the mud that is usually present.

I keep reminding myself, at least I don’t *Have* to use a johnny-on-the-spot, and I can wash my hands, rinse my face, and attempt to feel human.

But now, I have consider that there may not be running water. I just don’t think my tolerance will go that high.

Yes, my mother in-law likes to remind me of how things were back in the day, no flushies, no sinks, no nothing.

But camping like that, just isn’t for me. I sure hope this gets fixed so I can bring my boys down to the fort in the spring, and cheer on my dearest.

jfb2md November 17, 2009 at 7:00 pm

All of the flush toliets on the main range along with all water faucets are connected to one well and one pump. Several years ago I suggested to the head of the property management committee that some action should be taken to correct this problem. Another well and pump could be one solution. A large pressurized storage tank could be another one. I guess until someone decides to come up with a solution we will have to put up with having to shut down all of our modern facilites and use portapots whenever we have a lot of people using the flush toliets at the same time.

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