The Clay Pigeon Drag Race, This I Gotta See!

by Mike Kendra on July 27, 2010

I had a thought the other day, and I thought it was so awesome, so original. Before I stuck my foot in my mouth I planned how every detail would work.

My idea: the Clay Pigeon Drag Race.

The idea is simple enough, eight individual men, each armed with their N-SSA Musket, plenty of ammo, and one clay board, with 32 clays. You might say, what the heck, we do that every other weekend. Ah-ha! As a team perhaps, but not as individuals!

We are talking a drag race here, the first man of the eight to clear his 4 clay row wins the event. This is Skirmishing on a new playing field. This is man on man, hit vs. hit. I think this would make for an awesome spectator sport!

If the rules dictate that each skirmisher starts at the top of their row and must work downward, it would be easy to see for spectators and competitors, who is leading and who is trailing in the match.

This might present some issues, safety for one, attempting to shoot as fast as possible can lead to issues like cookoffs (please refer back to my previous posts!) and possibly unsafe loading procedures. It’s an issue that would need to be addressed.

Getting way ahead of myself, I even considered introducing this idea on a National Level. Imagine, all day Thursday, and Friday morning running an open qualifying event for all skirmishers. You walk up, buy one of the limited tickets (128 total being sold at $7.50 each, nearly $1000 revenue for a few boxes of clays and cardboard, gotta work all the angles here!), and show up to your assigned relay.

Picture this: You shoot a your 4 clay row as fast as you can while 7 other skirmishers do the same. The fastest four to clean their rows advance to a 64 man tournament.

You can probably see where this is going.

Next you run your first elimination round, consisting of 8 target frames, again the fastest four from each frame advancing to the next round, eliminating another 50%.

The second round, a quarter final, is 4 frames, 32 men, the fastest 2 advancing from each frame, leaving just 8 men for one final drag race.

In the final round, finishing order is determined by who finishes first, all 8 men earning medals.

That sounds like an interesting set of brackets, don’t you think? (Okay, put your money away, we aren’t betting on anyone just yet!)

Another issue is ammo, for the final 8 men, this event will have consumed a minimum of 16 rounds, possibly a few more, and I guess that’s not so bad. More issues, who would run these matches? Who would officiate them? When would we find the time to run these matches? All good questions, I’ll have to ponder them….

Additional Thoughts: You could branch out and have carbine, smoothbore, and even repeater drag races. The N-SSA has 13 regions… (Hold on a tick, I’m having an A.D.D. moment: we have 13? is that patriotic or just unlucky?) … and you could have each region choose it’s best competitor to compete in an all-star drag race challenge! There’s so much potential in this idea…

And it was all mine…

In all my years of skirmishing I’ve never seen anything like this done.

Imagine how heart-broken I was when I heard that the 4th Virginia Infantry had been holding demonstration events like this at their regional skirmish for years….I guess I’ll have to visit them in the near future and report on the results of their event.

Oh well, I knew it was a good idea…

Have you ever participated in a so-called “drag race”? Share your experience below!

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Greg Ogdan July 27, 2010 at 9:23 am

Well, I think Harris Opfer would need to come out of retirement for this!

Ian Wright July 27, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Not bad. I estimate the cost for materials would be about $125.00 total. And just like the Henry team matches , each competitor would need to bring a timer with them or they could not shoot. Their timer would be assigned to another shooter for fairness. Interesting idea indeed

Timothy C. Cooper September 22, 2010 at 5:32 pm

I love the idea!! Count me in!!

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