The Best Targets Ever

by Mike Kendra on August 25, 2009


… I primed the now loaded musket, and awaited the horn. This is it! Just wait… and without warning I hear it, the horn! I align my sights and allow my eye to focus on: two inch silver Christmas balls?

Actually at 50 yards they looked more like tiny points of sunlight, they were some of the most difficult targets I’ve ever had to shoot at.

I’d like to also add the following targets to a list of targets I consider to be the best ever:

Catchup Packets on a backer at 50 yards: Hated Them!

Mo-skeet at 50 yards: Loved Them!

CD-ROM disks at 50 yards: Hated Them With Passion!

Clays at 100 yards: Loved Them!

10-inch Paper Plates Rapid Fire at 50 yards: Loved It!

10 Dog Biscuits at 50 yards: Hated Them!

Picket Fence Event at 50 yards (4 vertical 1″ stakes): Loved It!

What strange, unusual, or difficult targets have you seen and enjoyed over the years?

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Harry Waugh December 14, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Great job. Thanks for thinking of us “little” guys. I believe we (or powers to be)have lost sight of what has made our Association great. I feel like you have brought the average shooter back into t he picture.

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