2010 Is Past, Here We Come 2011

by Mike Kendra on November 8, 2010

Will we have a roof over the Revolver Range in 2011?

Time to catch up on some of the smaller stories in 2010.

A Roof for Revolver Shooters? New PA in the barn?

I talked with our National Commander, Linwood McMahon, a few weeks ago, and he made a point to me that he does have a few items on his agenda for the coming year. Two of those ideas include, having a roof constructed over the revolver shooting area at the fort, and replacing/repairing the public address system at the barn.

Both are reasonable ideas, I can attest to the poor audio quality of the current barn setup, a bullhorn would be an improvement really….

As for the roof at the revolver range at the fort, that sounds mighty expensive honestly, but I’m sure most everyone will agree that this is a reasonable idea, revolver shooting is challenging in dry weather! I would want to deal with rain in that event either.

The 123rd National Musket Team Match Sponsored by (Insert Product Name Here)

Here’s an interesting thought….

Why is the N-SSA not spending the time or effort to get sponsorship for events at the National Skirmish? I know this isn’t NASCAR, but are we really missing an opportunity as an organization?

Perhaps, competing in the Grand Aggregate Championship presented by EuroArms, or the GOEX Cannon Matches would be a change from our current format, and it might even change some of the traditional and old-world charm of skirmishing, but I wonder, is this something we should consider?

I’m not sure I’d condone sponsorship of everything in the N-SSA, but I do wonder if it would be worth considering for the organization as a whole.

What do you think??

N-SSA Sesquicentennial Celebration Page on Facebook

Phil Spaugy, the chairman of the Sesquicentennial Committee in the N-SSA, and I have created a new fan page, and we hope you will check out the page, and perhaps even “Like” it:


The page was just started in the last few weeks, and we hope to keep you up to date on all the anniversary events coming up.

Onwards 2011

We are moving on towards the holiday season now, everyone is getting their National dues paid and wishing to get a peek at the new schedule. That also means it’s time to start reloading.

This is also the perfect time for you to contact me with your stories, articles, and ideas for stories in 2011. I’ve been playing the part of the one man band mostly, I don’t mind, but if you’d like to volunteer to help write for the blog, or if you have some interesting stories you’d like to share, give me a shout, I’d be happy to chat with you!

I do have plans for more articles here before the year is out, then I’ll be taking some time off from blogging for the holidays. I hope next year will be another good one!

The skirmishing season is done, time to keep warm, spend time with family and friends, and melt some lead.

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Mike M. November 16, 2010 at 7:52 pm

A cover for the pistol range is less of a luxury than a necessity. I’ve run the tower at a Nationals where it poured…and about 15 positions had fouled revolvers. At a minimum, it would be nice to have posts to rig tarps.

Yes, I know we would never see rain again…it would be cheap at the price.

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