Targets Galore! The Mason-Dixon Skirmish 2011

by Mike Kendra on June 20, 2011

Musket Team Event 1, 100 yd 2-12 x 12 hanging dry wall, 2 minute rapid fire

This weekend I attended the Mason-Dixon Skirmish at the Fort, I’m pretty sure it was my first time at this event, and it was a great! This match was run well by the 27th Virginia Infantry and the Wheat’s Louisiana Tigers.

Now I only shot some individuals and the Sunday musket match, but they had a cannon and mortar matches at 200 yards, and smoothbore team matches, and revolver and carbine and all that fun stuff! (I did note that they didn’t run a repeater team match, I wonder what their reasoning for this choice was?)

Event 2, 100 yds, 10 - 6 X 6 Tile

The notable part of this match was the targets for the team matches, in the musket match the only “Nationals Standard” targets were 10 6″ tiles at 100 yards, and that was only after shooting a 100 yard rapid-fire event!

Event 3, 50 yds, 24 clays on a backer

Here were the complete list of targets:

100 yd 2-12 x 12 hanging dry wall, 2 minute rapid fire
100 yd 10 – 6 X 6 Tile
50 yd 24 pigeons on a cardboard backer
50 yd 16 – 4×4 wooden blocks
50 yd 16 Water filled cups
25 yd 16 – 4 x 2 wooden triangles
25 yd 16 – 12 oz. Water filled cups

At first when I saw this list I thought it was too much, but I have to say, after shooting the match I thought it actually was great, it was a great mix of challenging and easy targets.

Me and the Chesapeake Artillery

The rapidfire drywall was a classic regional target, and it’s a good warmup for the tiles at 100, but I always am disappointed that I can’t tell my hits from the other shooters…

The clays on a backer were fun as usual, but since there were only 24 of them to share between 8 of us, we were each assigned a horizontal half row of 3 clays. I really like the smaller easier clay board, we should shoot this event at regional matches more often!

As silly as it was, my favorite targets were the cups at 25 yards. I had such a hard time hitting the cups at 50 that it felt great to whack them at 25! It felt like I could just point and shoot the cups were so big and so close. I went an easy 4 for 4 on these targets. My only comparison would be cowboy action shooting, but better, these targets really went poof! I only wish I could take a whack at these cups with my .69 smoothbore!

Event 4, 50 yds, 16 4x4 Wood Blocks

I was fortunate to be able to shoot this match with the Chesapeake Artillery, we had a great time at the end of the line. We completed every event and I’d be happy to shoot with them anytime!

In the end the match was over by 11:40 or so, and I still had plenty of time to enjoy my afternoon and watch the race and such. I can’t wait to shoot this match again next year!

Event 5, 50 yds, 16 water filled cups

Event 6, 25 yds, 16 4x2 wood triangles

Event 7, 25 yards, 16 water filled cups

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jfb2md June 24, 2011 at 5:05 pm

The 1971 Mason-Dixon Skirmish was my first NSSA Skirmish. I haven’t missed many over the years. The Mason Dixon has always been a well run skirmish. For many years the 27th ran it by themselves. They have always tried to come up with some unusal and challenging targets. I remember one year when we shot coffee creamers. Years ago it was not unusual to have 6 or 7 musket events at regional skirmishes. One of the things I remember from the past Mason Dixons was when we were getting ready to fire our 12 lb Tredegar Dalgren and we heard a strange noise as our ball rolled out of the barrel and fell onto the ground. We picked it up put a heavy coating of grease on it, rammed it home and fired it.

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