Springtown and Special Projects Update

by Mike Kendra on September 13, 2010

The "Donut Plate" from a prior weekend...

It’s been a busy weekend, I spent the weekend at the Springtown, Pa Mid-Atlantic Skirmish breaking clays and such, and generally having a good time. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that trying to shoot and spend time with your family at a skirmish makes it impossible to cover a skirmish for SkirmishNotes, so unfortunately I didn’t get any photos this time around…

The skirmish itself was great, the host team, the Hampton Legion, had a few demonstration events, such as the classic Musket Team vs. Modern Gun challenge, yes the musket team won, I did get video and if I’m not to swamped this week I’ll try to post some video for you.

Oh, and no medals for me, I shot musket a smoothbore individual targets, but missed getting any shiny stuff…

We also enjoyed the Musket Team Match on Sunday, our team happily fielded 5 men for the event, and although we struggled the complete the events we did enjoy the competition! Happily the rain that was forecast cleared just before the match started, and held off till we completed the course of events.

We shot a rapid-fire “donut” plate, a 9-inch or so paper plate with a three inch or so hole in the center.

We also enjoyed an event I called the “Oh-Holey Stake” Event where a 9-inch tall stake with a three inch hole in the center was supposed to break, but we couldn’t do it. I suggested, before the event began, that we should call time when the horn started the event, without firing a shot, I figured the 300 second penalty would be better than not breaking the stake and posting a 600 second event time/penalty, I was overruled (of course! skirmishing is too much fun to skip a stake event!) and in the end we posted 600 seconds…

It sure was fun, but I was exhausted when I was finished for the day.

Special Project

Some of you have noticed one of my latest projects, a Civil War Wiki page about Civil War Small Arms. You can check it out at: http://civilwarwiki.net/wiki/Table_of_Civil_War_Era_Small_Arms

Although I think I’ve done a good job, this project is difficult and time consuming. Please check it out and if you can offer any assistance fact checking or providing information, I’d appreciate it. So far I’ve only posted details on the 1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket and new pages needing content will be created soon.

If I’m lucky, I’ll do some video interviews with N-SSA members at the National showing off some or many of these different firearms, then I can add this valuable content to the wiki! If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, just contact me! Original and reproduction firearms are both great for my purposes (but original firearms are a plus!)

Hopefully this will be an educational and fun project… (if I don’t rip my hair out in the process!)

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Joseph Plakis September 13, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Thanks for coming out to our shoot! We hope you all had a fun time with the weird events that we had. If you have not noticed I like to cut holes in things. The ten inch paper plate with the 2.5 inch hole was one of my many brain farts/storms, that I came up with at our last shoot several years ago. You actually have more surface area to hit than the regular pie plate, but the hole in the middle draws the most attention. The first time we used it on of the best shots in the region managed to put 5 rounds in the center and only hit is twice.
So when having this shoot I wanted to bring back the stake event for our region, and came across three free 1/2 inch particle boards. While ripping them to 24 inch widths, I thought, hell why not, I will drill holes in them! A six inch stake for carbine with a 2 inch hole and a 9 inch musket board with a 3 inch hole were born!
For carbine one team actually cut the stake without using the hole!
Who knows how I will top it but I might already have the idea in my head, I just need to bump it hard enough to get it out!

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