Spring Potomac Regional 2010 Wrapup

by Mike Kendra on April 12, 2010

Ah, I’ve finally gotten my gun dirty in 2010, and I had good fun.

I only made it to the Fort on Sunday morning, not my usual schedule, but the musket team match is the most fun I usually have all weekend anyway.

It was funny how quickly myself and two teammates were picked up to join teams. I was somewhat randomly assigned to the 9th Va Cav, Company B. (I was assigned there because it was the longest walk out to position 5) What a great group of guys, I want to thank them for having me! (Oh and congrats to the A team, you deserve Gold medals after that amazing display on the 50 yd. tiles!)

At 9am opening ceremonies began, I only wish it had started at 840am so that we might begin shooting at 9am. The ceremony was a bit comical from where I stood, the PA on our end of the line didn’t work, and everyone was hushing each other but all I could hear were quiet mumbles coming from the tower ceremony. I should also comment that I loved the live music for the National Anthem and Dixie, it was great. Too bad I have no idea what was said during the ceremony..

Once the match began it became apparent that the PA on our part of the line would continue to be a pain. When the tower spoke, it was a garbled broken mess, no-one knew what was being said. At least the horn could be heard, and I was glad to see the skirmish director, I didn’t catch her name, verbally keeping us informed of what was going on.

It did occur to me that, as a timer and safety, I was never taught what to do in a case where the 5 min event is over and the command to cease fire is not heard due to PA problem or whatever. I’ll possibly cover this idea in a future blog…

Anyway, the problem was handled well and eventually the PA was repaired and we could hear tower commands again…

I also noted that there were a lot of fouled muskets, but I guess that not unusual this early in the season…

As for the shooting, it was fun, plain Nationals targets are a bit boring, but I still had a ball breaking them. My personal shooting was somewhat crappy. I hit 3 for 9 on the clay board, and 3 for 4 on the 50 yard tiles, and it was downhill from there… That’s what I get for no Saturday individual practice…

One last note, after I packed up, my dad and I stopped over at the Ruritans. I guess they were getting ready to close up, and all that they had left were “Polish Sausages”. Now I’m 1/2 Polish, and my dad is 100% Polish, and we both agreed that they were much more like German Bratwurst, certainly not Polish…

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Brad4thKentuckyCav April 12, 2010 at 8:17 am

The Potomac regionals are always great shoots to attend, I didn’t attend the Spring shoot, but I’ll see about attending the Fall shoot. And Mike, I’m glad that you shot with the 9th Virginia Cav, great group of guys, I remember myself and my dad going to a Potomac regional about 8 years ago and we shot with the 9th in both musket and carbine, had a great time with them fella’s and took home some medals too. And last but not least, shooting Crappy is always way better than having a good day at work. Oh I’m really looking forward to the Nationals about 5 weeks from now.

Wagonrider April 13, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Wow Mike, I had no idea that you were shooting with the ninth. I shot on the position next to y’all and even timed and safetied your position when you were shooting. Next time I’ll pay more attention and introduce myself. Happy skirmishing!

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