Making Lemonade

by Mike Kendra on May 7, 2012

You know how when you go over to the tower at 8am before a regional musket match, and you stand there for a bit, invariably some needy team commander comes running over to ask you if you are an extra shooter?

Well, I went to the Central Virginia Regional May 6th, 2012, and that didn’t happen, to me, or to 5 other guys looking for a team to shoot with. We were just standing there unsure about what to do, and then we decided, shoot, lets just shoot on our own team!

And that’s what we did, we signed ourselves up and shot the match as a hospital team.

Did we have fun? We sure did!

Did we break targets? Heck yes!

Before the match…

I had an ugly weekend, had an installation at work on Friday and it wore me down like nothing has in months. I wanted to shoot individuals on Saturday, but I was far too sore to even attempt it. Ended up doing all kinds of other stuff.

Sunday I woke up early, packed the car with my guns, uniform, gear, wife and kids, and boogied on down to the fort.

We arrived and it was overcast, humid, and chilly.

Stopped at the snack bar for a Sausage Egg and Cheese, I only mention it because in my memory, which goes back to the early 80s era snack bar (back when the egg sandwiches still had dippy eggs), this was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had from them in a while, so good on them, keep up the good work.

Of course the scratch team I joined ended up at Position 25, and I parked at Position 3. Oh joy.

Opening Ceremonies

This was short and sweet, and I got some great photos, even got a few from up in the main tower…


The Match

The targets were pretty standard, clays, tiles, and rapid fire paper plates. Nothing to write home about, but fun and good practice for the National.

My shooting was good, 4 for 10 on the clay board, 4 hits in 5 shots on the paper plates, 4 for 4 on the tiles, 3 for 3 on the hanging clays, and 2 for 7 on the 100 yard tiles. Not a bad day at all.

Also my wife, whom I refer to as the pregnant one, stuck it out all match, cheering me on with my two troublesome boys running a-muck. She says she had a fun morning, but I’m not convinced.

And although the weather looked ugly, it never rained during the match. That’s all we asked for!

Thanks for shooting with me…… uh….. you guys!

The Rub

I don’t know if I’m more half glass full on the whole hospital team issue or not. I got to shoot, and have fun, and that’s great! I left the match with a smile.

For the Win!

However, part of me wants to lean on the fact that six N-SSA members paid to shoot at a regional match, but our scores weren’t posted on the scoreboard. It just doesn’t seem fair, to the six of us, to “exile” our score because we all come from different teams.

I’m not saying I’m mad, or unhappy per say, but it just doesn’t feel right, or fair. But rules are rules.


UPDATE: It seems that our team choose not to submit scores, sorry to put the blame in the wrong place!



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Norm Gibson May 7, 2012 at 10:32 am

You paid to shoot, your scores should have been posted even if you were not eligible to receive awards.

Scott Harris May 7, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Mike , We would have put your scores up on the board but Yall never went to the console after the pigeon board and on the second event I was there when someone from your scratch team was at the console and He told me not to worry about it. We were set up to post your scores . I would have wanted to see my times also so I asked your guy. Glad you got to shoot and that the weather held out. I could only watch and wish I was shooting. Scott/w 1st Fla Cav

Mike Kendra May 7, 2012 at 7:47 pm

Thanks for that update Scott, I had no idea. I just wanted to write the times down for my own records as you guessed. I assumed that the rules kept our score off the sheet. I guess it’s bad to assume, as they say.

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