Guest Post: Guilford Greys Skirmish, Carolina Region

by Mike Kendra on August 23, 2010

August 13th to 15th, 2010

A Guest Post by Dan Lewandowski, Commander Coastal Rifles

Well, off I go its 4pm and cruzin for a bruzin looking forward to this weekend. I packed up the truck on Thursday night with all the essentials, I am hoping the heat and humidity wont melt my lube again. This South Carolina heat gets to me some times so off I go, new uniform items and rifles ammo all loaded, 4 hours later I make it to the concrete tent….

This heat and humidity is going to be a killer tomorrow.

Saturday morning, its looking to be a HOT day, I get out to the range complex at 0730 and find myself a place to set up. Looks like a lot of the regular teams and people are here or going to be here, Palmetto Sharpshooters, Irdell Blues, the 23rd North Carolina, the Buncombe Rifles and of course the RE-REBIRTH of the Coastal Rifles, this team has gone through hell and back and we are hoping this NEW team can keep it going.

After setting up my table and getting the ammo checked and rifles out 0830 comes around and they open the stat shack for target purchases, I purchased targets for all of my long arms, but I missed the first relay as I was side tracked with conversation…. What can I say I like to talk, so I get myself together and started to shoot with my 25 yard targets then moved on to my 50 yard targets, the HEAT! Is building up and the skirmish director called for modified uniforms and I MISSED THE MEMO!

So there I am all gussied up, I ended up missing several more relays as I was trying to cool down and hydrate, I eventually shot most of my targets I missed out on my 100 yard repeater, just ran out of energy and out of time, as I am whipped and about to call it a day. There are calls for pickups for Carbine match, of course I’m powder whipped and I agree as I go back to my equipment my team mate and good friend Tony Beck shows up and says lets play! So for the Carbine match we had a scratch team, 2 people from Coastal Rifles, 2 people from the 149th NY, and a extra from Irdell Blues….. I wish we would have counted as a legal team we took second place overall. NOT BAD for a scratch team! To add more fun to my day, Tony says I got extra pistols do you wanna shoot? Of course see above, I’m powder whipped!

I’ve never shot pistol before, ok let me rephrase that, I’ve never shot N-SSA pistol before. I’m qualified at 96% accuracy for my police issue pistol, so off I go with Tonys pistols and boy did I have fun but I SUCK! If there ever was an embarrassing category, we were there. I will state this I’m not sure how we got 300 seconds out of 180 second relay(s)….. I didn’t contest the score because it wouldn’t have changed the outcome and we did it for fun anyways, maybe next time!

So after that was all said and done we closed out and packed up, Irdell Blues had a hot dog social event for all who wanted to partake, I DO recommend that if you have a opportunity to take Irdell Blues up on a gathering they are AWSOME and it was a great time. So its 7:45pm and I’m beat!!!!!!! So off we go to the concrete tent and I wash up and pass out getting myself ready for the musket event.

Sunday morning the sky is grey and the temperature seems to be cooler, looking forward to the day, ends up we have 7 teams ready to fire musket. It looks as if its going to be a great day, opening ceremonies are brief, I pulled out and thanked the region for their support in the RE-REBUILDING effort and reported to the regional commander that the Coastal Rifles were present for duty. Not enough bodies to run time and safety with 1 relay so we split 4 teams on the 1st relay, and 3 on the second. The matches roll on, I have to say with PRIDE that even though we were at 5 members and not having a chance to medal out I think that with more practice and a few more bodies online the Coastal Rifles could eventually be a team to be talked about.

As soon as the event was over Tony and I along with a pickup from Palmetto jumped right into Smoothbore we got 1 relay in and the sky opened up and began to rain, we waited for a few moments and with the advances in technology the skirmish director was able to determine that the rain was going to be for a while and called the event. With NO repeater teams signed up to compete the event was called, medals were handed out and everyone packed up and ran for the hills…

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