Early Bird 2012: Good Shooting, Theft Reports…

by Mike Kendra on March 14, 2012

This past weekend I attended the 2012 Early Bird Skirmish. I only attended the Sunday musket match, and I had a lot of fun shooting with the 5th Virginia, thanks for letting me shoot with you guys!

Fun Early Bird Events

The events at the match were pretty cool, we mounted 32 clays and 10 moskeets on the same backer, and for the first event we had to shoot the clays without hitting the moskeet.

Also it was nice to have the challenge of hitting moskeets at 50 yards! One other notable target was two 50 yard size tiles out at 100 yards with 8 standard 100 yard tiles.

I’m sorry I didn’t shoot better, I seemed to chase the bullets around the targets. Early on the clay board I was shooting left, so I adjusted to 3 o’clock, on the moskeets my group was tight but just above the targets, so I adjusted to 4 o’clock.

When I still couldn’t hit on the third relay I got frustrated and aimed dead center and finally got a good hit on my last shot. On the fourth relay I went 3 for 4, so I felt better for that…

I wonder if the air temperature affected my impact point (it went from 28 degrees in the early morning to over 50!), or if I was jerking the trigger.

Batteries Stolen

As per my usual habits I took a quick drive down Artillery Row to check our campsite, and my camper. I did read somewhere that a camper battery had been stolen from our property this winter, so I got out and lifted the lids to the two batteries on my camper…. gone.

I drove back to the range and found Tim Scanlan, the property manager, and when I reported the stolen batteries I believe he said that this was the 38th and 39th batteries reported stolen from the property, as well as other events on the property.

I don’t want to speculate on who did this or why, and I really can’t fault the association for the loss, it’s just a shame the world has gone this way.

I hope the thieving parties, whoever they may be, are caught and punished appropriately.

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Southron Sanders February 8, 2013 at 8:14 am

When I first joined the N-SSA back in 1968 just about everyone camped in tents. Back then, when not shooting, many Skirmishers would leave their guns in their tents when they went to visit Sutler Row or friends at other campsites and never think twice about their guns or other personal property left at their campsite.

I think the batteries and other items are probably being stolen by individuals that are not Skirmishers, that live close to Fort Shenandoah and are entering the property at night on their thieving expeditions. I hope that they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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