Chesapeake Regional, April 2012, at Ft Shenandoah

by Mike Kendra on April 20, 2012

New Speakers are up!

Last weekend I attended the Chesapeake Regional Skirmish, held at the fort on April 14th and 15th, and I can report that the weather was beautiful, the targets were plentiful, and that 5 man musket teams are just as fun as 8 man teams.

New Speakers

The first thing I noticed as I rolled into the fort on Saturday was the brand new sound system on the main range. At the Snowball Skirmish I saw this giant wheel of orange cabling, and apparently that cable was buried in the ground, and the new poles and speakers were installed in the last few weeks.

Yes, the new speakers sound great! I heard everything just fine while I was on the line, so good job with that project!

I shot one individual target on Saturday, a 50 yard musket target, I shot a 48 or so on the first bull, and a 30 on the second… I really blew that target.

Side Trip

But the day was young, and I took my wife and kids, who had come down for the day, to Cedar Creek Battlefield, it’s about 20 minutes South of the Fort, and I was able to snag onto a National Park Service Tour at 2pm, and we enjoyed that greatly!. I’d recommend this side trip to any skirmisher with a few hours of free time. See it now before the nearby quarry eats up even more of the surrounding hills!

We came back, relaxed around a nice campfire, and then headed home to sleep snugly in our own beds. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to skirmish at the fort, and then come home and relax!

Musket Team

Sunday I was up bright and early, headed out to the Fort for the Musket Team match. I quickly got picked up as an extra shooter with the 5th Virginia Cavalry B Team, a great bunch of shooters who like having fun.

Opening Ceremonies, Nice and Short, Just the Way We Like it!


Since this was my first shoot with the new 5 man regional musket team format, I was curious how things would work. Would there be a mob of extra shooters? Would there be any 3 man teams? There wasn’t really any fuss or drama, I was pleased to see everything work just fine!

The practice on Saturday paid off, although I didn’t shake my first shot gremlin all day, I never did hit my first shot on any of the five events, and that’s weird for me. I did hit lots of targets though, so I had nothing to complain about.

I enjoyed shooting the yellow water bottles the most, they seemed to make the most “action” when hit, with a real satisfying pop each one burst and emptied.

As a team we did okay, we finished every frame, some faster than others, and everyone came off the line with smiles. Thanks to the 5th Virginia Cavalry for having me, I’m sure that we’ll be shooting together again before the season is out!

A full 5 man, er, person Musket Team!

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