Shooting a 49-2X with the Smoothbore

by Mike Kendra on September 17, 2009

49-2xBack in September of 2008 I was participating in the New England Regional shoot at Middletown, NY. It was a warm sunny day, individuals were on the schedule, and I really felt great.

When I shot my smoothbore, my day got a little bit brighter. My first target at 25 yards was a 46 with maybe an X, not too shabby really, and I’m pretty sure I kept everything in the black.

For my second attempt at 25 yards I had drawn a bit of a crowd. I fired my first shot, and I assumed it was in the black cause there wasn’t a hole in the white. So I just shot three more rounds and for each one I questioned more and more if I was even on the paper. The sun was bright and I couldn’t see anything in the black. I didn’t dare look through my scope, I didn’t want to get excited and get shaky or wobbly. I took a breath and fired the last shot.

When I was finished and looked back to see my dad smiling like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

As I walked down range I discovered every shot in the black, in fact only one shot was in the nine ring. It was scored as a 49-2X. All I could say was wow.

And you want to hear the amazing part? It was only the second time that gun had ever been to the range! Before that, the very first time I shot that gun, or any smoothbore for that matter, was a week earlier at a Middle-Atlantic Regional in Springtown, PA. I shot a 47-0X there, and that was straight out of the box shooting.

Next Week I’ll detail the methods and techniques I used to shoot this score…

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Chris Hubbard October 25, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Mike, that is a great target. Good shooting!

Glenn Kaye June 11, 2011 at 8:45 am

Come on now, you’ve got to tell us your gun, load, powder, bore size/ball size, etc.

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