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by Mike Kendra on February 21, 2011

Busch Series Field At Texas, April 2007, by Bo Nash (CC License)

If you watched the Daytona 500 yesterday, you probably took note of all the corporate sponsorship on display, it’s become such a common part of racing that it’s just considered normal. If you tried to count all the corporate sponsors on your TV screen, you’d probably go crazy.

What if that type of sponsorship came to skirmishing? Well, at least on a smaller scale? As you’ll read below, a new skirmishing program, common in other shooting sports like Cowboy Action Shooting, may be coming to a National Skirmish in the near future…

I think there is a good opportunity here, one that will have a minimal impact on our matches, but generate additional funds for our organization. I believe that with good fiscal discipline, this could stem the rising tide of membership dues increases, and maybe do away with some of the new member initiation fees and such.

To get some additional information about this program, I set up an interview with the N-SSA Deputy Commander Phil Spaugy, here are my interview questions:

SkirmishNotes: Who first proposed the idea for Corporate Supporters in the N-SSA, and how did the BoD first react to the idea? Also, who were the main supporters of this plan when it was approved at the BoD meeting?

Phil: The Corporate Supporter program was developed from conversations between Linwood and I during the summer of 2010 as a way to generate much needed revenue for the N-SSA. I included the concept in my report for consideration by the BOD at the January 2011 BOD meeting. The BOD passed on the concept, and then directed me to start to develop the program.

SkirmishNotes: How far has the planning for this idea gone?

Phil: The first step was to appoint Al Minneman of the 110th OVI as our “Officer of Corporate Relations”. As one of the owners of MTM Molded Plastic, Al has the necessary expertise and corporate contacts to help us develop and grow this program. Al and I are currently working together to establish the agreements and rate structure for this program.

SkirmishNotes: You mentioned to me that this program will start at the Fall Nationals in 2011, what will be “supported” and how will the corporate images be represented at the National Skirmish?

Phil: As mentioned above we are just getting the program started, but I can say that as part of this program our corporate supporters will have the ability to display a corporate banner along with announcements made before and after the sponsored match. All banners and the scripts will have prior approval by both Al and I. On an availability basis we will also offer free space on Sutlers Row for use by the Corporate Supporter during the National skirmishes that they are supporting matches. Logos and ads will be put in on our programs and we will also offer free ad space in the Skirmish Line for one issue.

SkirmishNotes: What will the range of costs be to become a Corporate Supporter? Are there any requirements to be accepted as a Supporter?

Phil: We are still working on the rate structure, and how best to package our matches.  Corporate Supporters will be limited to those businesses and individuals that support the historical, shooting and educational missions of the N-SSA.

SkirmishNotes: How can Corporate Supporters learn more about joining this new program?

Phil: Once we get our Corporate Supporter agreements finished and approved by our Judges Advocate, and then finalize our rate structure, Al will start the process and contacting businesses and selling the program. We expect to start this program at this Fall Nationals. I can say that there has been interest shown by several of the companies that supply goods and services to the N-SSA.

Thanks for answering my questions Phil! We are interested to see how this all works out!

Assuming the program is a success, I wonder if, as an extension, this program could be applied to Regional Matches to help cover the host team costs? I’ll cross my fingers!

What is your opinion on this subject? Are you a fan of sponsorships in skirmishing or will this be a disappointment to you? Let your opinion be heard! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

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