Strategic Planning: Skirmishing, The Future, and You

by Mike Kendra on May 5, 2012

For those of you who don’t check the N-SSA Message Board on a daily or weekly basis, it’s possible you haven’t yet heard about the Strategic Planning Session held during the January Board of Directors Meeting.

Well, at least, I didn’t hear about it until I read Commander Linwood McMahon’s post in the N-SSA Official Information Forum yesterday.

Below is the link to the document, go ahead and open it up, and take a gander, I’ll wait….


N-SSA Strategic Planning Session – January 2012:


Are you bored yet, maybe confused? Let me sum it up:

A meeting was held during the BoD meeting to brainstorm a bunch of ideas to discuss, wring-out, and focus our organizations future endeavors.

Now, this document appears to have been written after the BoD meeting and is basically a “white board ideas” of all the committee members assembled from the discussion. It’s actually pretty interesting to read all the different ideas that were thrown at the wall in this document.

Here are the four primary topics discussed at the meeting:

  • Strategic Planning, here they discussed every possible way you could describe our organization. This was used to discuss a mission and a list of short and long term goals for the N-SSA.
  • Budget & Revenues, here they discussed ways of increasing revenue and decreasing costs to the organization. Surprisingly, no goals seemed to be set in this section.
  • Membership Growth and Retention, for this session they weighed the options the organization has to either go out and find, and sign up new members, versus finding ways to guarantee that current members keep coming back every year.
  • Growing the Organization, here the session focused on the N-SSA from a more public perspective, how the outside world sees us and how we promote ourselves, with the goal of growing our membership and revenues.

My first comment after reading all of this is Kudos to the BoD for taking a step in a new and positive direction. It’s important to remember that we can’t keep doing the same tired things over and over, it’s time for new ideas!

Don’t Panic!

The next comment I want to make to the membership is, if I’m reading this document correctly, don’t panic if you are reading ideas you don’t like or don’t agree with, you don’t need to load your smoothie with rock salt just yet…

I think the point here is to throw all the ideas together on paper, the good AND the bad, and look at all of them and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Also, reading this document, I don’t get the impression that the BoD has taken any action on these ideas, at least not yet. (Unless I’m even more in the dark than I think!)

And that’s the elephant in the room really, which of these ideas is the BoD interested in? Will the BoD actually implement any of these ideas at any point in the near or far future? It’s hard to tell by this document. I could discuss any number of these topics in blog posts at length, and perhaps if there is interest I will in future posts.

Linwood did allude to three and five year action plans to be developed at future meetings in his forum post. I’m assuming that’s where the best of these ideas will get plugged in and implemented.

Where does that leave us?

Here’s my big question, the BoD appears to be ready to move forward and become a more modern, lean and efficient organization, but is the membership ready for this? Time, and perhaps the future issues of the Skirmish Line will tell us!

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