Special Report: N-SSA Message Board Dismantled….

by Mike Kendra on January 30, 2010

The N-SSA Cyber-Campfire. And it burns, burns, burns....

It’s astonishing……

Tonight at 6pm EST, Vicky Rowe, the current N-SSA message board administrator, posted the following announcement:

“Per the Board of Directors vote today, January 30, 2010, the following boards have been removed from the N-SSA forums:”

- Members Only
- General
- Long Range Planning
- All Region boards

“***If you have questions about this change, please contact your Regional Commander. ***”

“Please do *not* ask the forum administrators, we were not in the vote and do not have any information to give on this.”

I’m not sure what purpose this serves, except perhaps to silence all discussions. I can’t wait to hear the details on why the board voted as it did.

I’m sure many of you have questions, comments and concerns about this event, feel free to make your thoughts known in the comment section below…

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Travis Dague 11171 February 1, 2010 at 4:16 am

I personally think it is a way to keep the membership at bay with opinios and such. It is sad that it came to this. i always considered the BB to be a valuable tool to comminicate with friends, teams and just top pop in and see what’s up. Having all of the individual regions was realy cool. I had read sometime back that maybe it would be helpful to new recruits to see wher they would be close to a team or have an idea of it.
Just sad and a shame to see the changes made the way they are. Maybe it was a way to save money to conserve band width or whatever to be able to buy more swamp. I think I will be using skirmish notes now. Maybe members will drop by here more now that the BB is changed now. At least here we can speak how we feel. I guess some people are paranoid when the members speak out. Don’t you think it’s going to cause more chaos on the BB and more work now for the moderators.? Oh well, It really sucks when you pay dues to a great organization and can’t even have a say so for something simple as a Bulletin Board to use. Just dissappointed in the changes and not even asking membership for thier opinions.

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