New Members By-Law Passed at Membership Meeting

by Mike Kendra on June 5, 2010

Collecting the Ballots at the Membership Meeting, Photo by Mike Kendra

At the January 2010 Board of Directors Meeting a proposed by-laws change was accepted. The proposal is to add a new sub-section to Article X, Section 1. It reads as follows:

(E) Any new member joining on or after October 1 of the skirmish year shall have his or her dues applied to the following skirmish year, but have all the rights and privileges of full membership during the balance of the skirmish year in which the individual joins.  (E.g., A brand new member joins at the 120th Nationals.  He or she will be issued a card for the balance of the skirmish year 2009 and his or her dues will be paid for the skirmish year 2010.)

At the Spring Membership Meeting held during the 121st Nationals, this change was passed by Member Teams by a margin of 170 to 1. The by-laws change was put into effect immediately.

It should be noted that this rule affects new N-SSA members only, it does not apply to late registrations.

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