National Skirmish Results

by Mike Kendra on October 7, 2009

slpressThere has to be a better way to handle Nationals Skirmish Results. Filling our only publication with page after page of Nationals results is boring.

After every National I go home and get on the internet and I wait patiently for the results to be posted on the N-SSA web site. I know that other people do too. I also know some guys who could really care less about Nationals results, they just like shooting. Then there is the group who faithfully trek to the stat house before the National is even over to read and sometimes write down the results that are important to them.

It’s these three groups of people that are most likely to be bored with a reprint of the results in the Skirmish Line.

Wouldn’t it be better to send emails to the team commanders or adjutants containing the PDF versions of the results? Let them print them out and hand them out if they want.

I would even suggest increasing the dues a few dollars for those who want results and issue a fifth and sixth issue printed on the cheap paper with nothing but nationals results.

Perhaps instead of paper copies, mail out a CD-ROM with a PDF file of the extra issues.

The Other Side of the Coin

I know there are members out there who feel that the Skirmish Line is our publication of record, and they are fearful that removing the stats from the magazine would risk loosing the history of the skirmish forever.

I have a bone to pick with these members. Why is the Skirmish Line the ONLY publication of record? We now live in a world filled with alternative forms of media. Times are changing and our organization is falling behind, and if we don’t do something soon we are going to be left behind.

Why isn’t there a better archive of past skirmish results on the N-SSA web site? In fact, why isn’t there an archive of past Skirmish Lines in PDF format available online? We may portray Civil War era soldiers on the line, but we don’t have to keep records the same way they did!

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