Let’s Put this Puppy to Bed!

by Mike Kendra on February 4, 2010

Let's put this puppy to bed!

By now I’m sure most of you have read, or at least heard about the N-SSA Judge Advocates report to the January Board of Directors Meeting. If you haven’t, feel free to follow this link:

There is a lot to learn from this report, a lot of questions about this issue have been answered, and other questions remain. I can assure you, after reading the report, you’ve only heard 1/4 of the full story.

I do feel that overall the Board has taken the appropriate actions in this case, although I don’t like the end result of closing the BBS.

We now know that our National Commander, as well as the rest of the board have taken at least some responsibility for their actions, and I believe that’s a good start.

I’m also happy to see that apologies will be sent to all wrongfully accused parties. However, it would have been nice to include these messages in the Public Report for all to read, but that hasn’t happened yet. (I certainly hope that the apology in the final paragraph isn’t the only one offered. That would be like telling my wife that I just had an affair, and I’m sorry that my actions make her feel sad… well, maybe that’s over the top, but you get the idea.) Perhaps someone on the board has the authority to consider taking this action, it might close the circle for everyone interested, so to say.

I know some would have expected to see some resignations/firings after a report like this is released, but as of this date I’m not aware of any, and unfortunately, I wouldn’t expect any.

One last point about the N-SSA BBS board, it’s obvious after this entire event that the BoD cannot manage the BBS by committee four times a year. They needed one person who could handle managing things, let them do their job, and stay out of the way. Since that is not how things are done, I now believe shutting the BBS down is the correct action to take, although my reasoning is different from the boards.

Further more, I’ve heard a comment at least once that “a few bad apples” shut the BBS down. This is a gross mis-statement, the BoD got this controversy started by introducing “the letter” in a public meeting, and there is no person to blame, but just the BoD itself.

I know that there are those who disagree with some of the findings of the report, or are disappointed that some facts were not addressed, nor investigated. To these members, I totally understand your feelings, but I think the point is that with an organization of our size, and diversity, there are going to be disagreements. I hope that over time your aggravation and anger over these issues will subside.  We need to move forward.

I believe that many, including myself, have reached a point where we have said “UNCLE!” Enough is enough, it’s time to put this puppy to bed and get on with Skirmishing and having fun breaking targets.

For those who wish to continue this fight, I suggest that you work towards electing National and Regional leadership who can run things in a more acceptable manner.

(PS: One note I forgot to add, I think the BoD did the right and honorable thing by publicly releasing the JAG report. Everyone must give them credit for at least that part!)

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dave dietz March 13, 2010 at 10:14 am

i’ve been in the n-ssa for 25 plus, and have seen the “good ole boys club” at work, but the sport has gotten to the point of more worry about trivial stuff and less about the fun to be had in skirmishing. Don’t know what the problem was with the bulletin board, or what transpired between the combattants, but it’s time we start making the sport fun again. way too many rules, regulations, and in-fighting for my money

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