Gettysburg Reenactment Review & Skirmish Line Arrives!

by Mike Kendra on July 19, 2010

The Gettysburg Reenactment 2010

Summertime in Gettysburg, ah how wonderful and hot it is … and expensive… I had heard a few comments made about “Greedysburg” and that the number or reenactors at this years event might be in short supply. I had no idea it would be as bad as it was…

The public swarmed our N-SSA recruitment tent most of the day. I took this photo while taking a stroll with my son on Sutlers Row.

But regardless, the N-SSA setup it’s recruitment tent on Sutler’s Row and made the best of it.

I only attended Saturday with my son Adam and my Dad and team commander Jim. It was a clear sunny day, and hot, pretty dry too come to think of it. We arrived at 9 a.m. My dad had stopped in the night before and dropped off our full-scale 10 pdr. Parrott cannon for the weekend so there was only minimal setup to be done.

Tim Scanlan & crew were already there getting ready, as well as Allissa Weber, Joe Fischer, and a bunch of others whom I didn’t get acquainted with because we were so busy, or rather I was!

I had my hands full with my son Adam, he is very curious as any three year old would be, it took some effort to keep him occupied and happy, thanks to everyone for tolerating us!

The tent looked great and I think we did a good job attracting people to come in and learn about our sport and the N-SSA. I liked standing out at the cannon and answering questions, and trying to funnel folks into our domain.

The Reenactment Battle

I did sneak away with my son to see a battle in the afternoon, we only looked for five minutes cause it was so hot in the sun, and I wasn’t impressed. The infantry numbers were small, dwarfed in fact by the artillery.

I was laughing to see what appeared to be a cavalry skirmish going on in what must have been in the re-enactor parking lot, at least that’s how it appeared from my perspective. They will need to work on that parking plan for future events.

I’ve participated in reenactments at Monmouth Battlefield in New Jersey that were more appropriate and impressive.

It’s times like these I’m happy to be a Skirmisher!

The Spring 2010 Skirmish Line has Arrived

I don’t have much to comment on regarding this issue, it mostly contains the January Board Meeting Minutes and the Spring Nationals results, and a few other bits and pieces, as we’ve all come to expect. This issue scores 2 stars (out of five) for content, and 1 star for entertainment value. The entire one star entertainment score was earned on the basis of an Irish Jam article and a “Gentleman’s Gentleman” sidebar. Flip to the last page and check that photo out!

Apologies if you haven’t gotten your “SL” yet, hope I didn’t spoil it!

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