Fall 2009 Skirmish Line Arrives, Late…

by Mike Kendra on January 11, 2010

My Fall 2009 Skirmish Line arrived in the mail this weekend, and at first glance it looked like a very nice issue, even if it is January 2010.

To start, I was glad to see the winning musket team, the 111th OVI on the cover. However, later I discovered that at the August Board Meeting (as per page 28 in this same issue) that policy 2004.9 that read: “A photograph of the winning Class A1 Musket company shall be on the cover of the Skirmish Line following each National Skirmish.” was rescinded in favor of giving the editor the choice to do whatever he pleases….¬† Sigh…

Further, I struggled to find any content that would be of any interest to an actual shooter. The Small Arms Committee report was good, but if you aren’t a Maynard Lover, I haven’t heard of one, ahem, there really wasn’t much meat to chew on in this issue. (it’s a joke people!)

Where is the shooters profile? I miss that feature so much. And, again with all Fall National  statistics overwhelming this issue, and the ongoing budget issues, I guess this is just the best issue we can expect.

The only spotlight I’d really love to share with you is a comment in the Recoil section (page 32). It still makes me shake my head wondering why this section is now buried in the back of the issue. The comment was: “Is it possible for the N-SSA to make bulk purchases of powder and caps and cut out the middle man?” Although I would wonder about the legal issue of the N-SSA storing and selling black powder, I really have to applaud this member for thinking outside the box!

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Musket 1 February 13, 2010 at 8:33 pm

At least you received your Skirmishline!

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