A Virtual Skirmish Line

by Mike Kendra on June 27, 2011

Not Required for the next issue!

As you may have heard, it was announced at the Spring Nationals that a new Skirmish Line will be published within the next few weeks. The one surprise to this announcement was that the magazine would be delivered in our email boxes (or some similar virtual method) rather than our post boxes.

If you remember, in the last published issue, our National Commander told us that we would not have a new issue published until a suitable editor was found. I assume then that an editor has been found!

Perhaps my mind has failed me again, but I don’t remember hearing or seeing a name for said editor, but I certainly would like to see this new issue be a success.

In fact, this may be the motivation the association needs to improve our online presence!

I wonder if the fourth-coming online issues will be free and available to anyone and everyone?

I guess it’s best to simply wait and see at this point, but I hope the membership will be receptive to this new format. Since this issue will be printed with electrons instead of paper and ink, I can envision major changes, good new changes!

I hope that more regional results will be included. I hope more and larger photos are included. I also hope that new articles are included, but I must admit that I’ve submitted an article, so I’m looking forward to seeing that printed!

The one thing I will admit I will miss, I like holding that magazine, I will probably print my own copy so I can have it and add it on the bookshelf. Not to worry though, I believe I heard that the 2012 issues should be returning as standard printed issues.

My only remaining question is: will the virtual magazine remain once the regular paper issues return? I hope the virtual issues are here to stay, along side the paper ones!

Mike Kendra

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Linwood McMahon June 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm

I’m happy to report the first online edition of the Skirmish Line is available for download. Please click on the following link to download.

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