The Musket Team Results Are In for the 125th National

by Mike Kendra on May 22, 2012

A little over 48 hours ago the Spring National ended, scores were tabulated, and my predictions in a previous article were either right on the spot, or way off. Let’s see how well I did…

Drum Roll Please

125th National Musket Team Champs

The Winner of the 125th National Skirmish Musket Team Match is: The 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry!

I didn’t count these red-shirted devils out, did you?

In my mind, this team has been a favorite to win every National musket match for the last 10 years. It took some time, their last Class A-1 Musket Team win was in May of 2010, but they are back, beating the second place team by just 2.2 seconds!

According to my calculator, the 110th finished this musket match 64 seconds faster than they did last October at the 124th National. An impressive feat.

To accomplish this feat, the 110th had the overall fastest time on the Clay Board, finishing off the 32 targets in just 119.2 seconds, giving them an early lead in a match that they would never concede.

The 110th finished the match in a total of 407.7 seconds. A National musket match has 90 targets in 5 events. In what may seem like a meaningless number, this produces a team target hit time of 4.53 seconds (407.7/90) and that’s faster than say… a rhino with his tail on fire…

Okay, maybe not the best analogy. I’ll have to work on that…

This marks the 15th time the 110th Ohio has been awarded a Gold Medal for their performance in a National A-1 Musket Team Match, and I’d bet, it’s not the last.

The Heartbreak

Who came in Second? It’s the defending Gold Medal winners, the 8th Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry, a real disappointment since the 8th finished faster than the 110th Ohio in 3 of the 5 events!

Sorry, no repeat for this team at this National.

To make this further disappointing, the 8th finished this match 13.5 seconds faster then they did at the last National when they were Champions. This shows that the team has improved since last year, but the 110th improved much more…

Looking at the stats, the 110th was clearly better at breaking clays at this match, and the 8th was better at breaking the other targets, just not as “better” as the 110th was. (Okay Grammar Police, I see you looking at me!)

Remainder of the Top 5

3rd Place went to the 17th Virginia Infantry, 4th went to the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and 5th was awarded to the Dismal Swamp Rangers.

The top 5 teams were separated by just 50.3 total seconds compared to a spread of 48.3 seconds last October, but these scores were nearly 16 seconds faster on average than last fall.

From this small sample of top teams I think it’s safe to say that the Top Teams shot better at this National, versus last Fall National.

Other Finishes of Note

As previously mentioned, the 110th had the fastest Clays on a Backer score of the match, just 119.2 seconds.

In addition, the 17th Virginia finished the 16 Tiles event in just 50.6 seconds, nearly 6 seconds faster than any other team.

The fastest 16 Hanging Clay breakers were the Nanesmond Guard with a time of 56.3 who finished 10th overall.

You Think That’s Fast?

The Washington Blue Rifles blasted 16 Pot Tiles in only 86.2 seconds, and finished 8th overall, but amazingly they were beaten by more than 38 seconds in this event by Chartiers Vally Guard with an blazing time of 48.0 seconds in this event. That’s a team hit time of 3.00 seconds.

By comparison, the 110th Ohio finished the Pot Tiles in 98.2 seconds, more than double the time put up by the CVG. However, the Guard finished the match in 24th place.

And finally, the “Holy %#@!” award goes to the 149th Pennsylvania, they broke 10 Tiles hung at 100 yards in only (get this) 30.6 seconds. That’s a whole 26.1 seconds faster than any other team! It’s a team hit time of 3.06 seconds!

If you doubled the 149th’s 100 yard event time to 61.2 seconds this team would still beat the 110th Ohio by 0.2 seconds in this event!

Can you say WOW!

For My Next Trick

Now that that’s over, and I’ve smoked my solar powered calculator, by show of hands, how many readers would like me to do a Carbine Team stats review?

You’re going to have to raise them higher, I can’t see them!

Okay, another bad idea, my handlers are telling me that I couldn’t see your raised hands if I wanted to, so you can put them back down… I guess.

Just post your comments below and let me know what you think.

PS: Come back again tomorrow, I’ll have yet another article about the 125 National Skirmish ready for you to check out!

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