The 110th OVI Manages to Do It Again!

by Mike Kendra on May 27, 2010

At the 121st National Skirmish, only a few teams had a real opportunity to win the Musket Team match. The 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry took advantage of that fact and blasted through with another National Championship under it’s belt.

With a total time of 388.4 seconds, the 110th was more than 26 seconds ahead of their biggest rival of the day, the Union Guards.

The 110th sealed their win with an incredible 127.5 second clay board event and a sweet 40.8 secondĀ  hanging tile event. Any team who can manage to clear these events this quick deserves medals.


Overall, the National Skirmish was a wonderful event, and I had a great time shooting at clays and such, and meeting people. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped me to say hello and how much they love the blog, I appreciate the support.

Quiz: Which Skirmish Line is this photo from?

Over the next few weeks I hope to present a number of photo slideshows and videos that I have. If you’ve taken any photos or videos from the 120th National and you’d like to see them featured on SkirmishNotes, please contact me! I appreciate any help you can provide!

Here is a quick quiz: On the left is an image from a past Skirmish Line cover. The first person to comment on the blog with the correct issue month & year wins a free ceramic tile! (Yes, it’s a cheap prize, but I’m poor!)

I’ll be posting another new post on Monday, the 31st, which is Memorial Day, and there will be a chat later that night at for Skirmishers, 9pm EDT, I hope to see many of you there!

Have a great weekend!

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