One Great Weekend, the 123rd National Skirmish

by Mike Kendra on May 23, 2011

Opening Ceremonies at the 123rd National Skirmish

The Weather

When I arrived at the Fort on Friday morning it was a cool but clear day, not the rainy dreary place I expected. However, three weeks of repeated rainstorms caused varying levels of flooding earlier in the week, causing damage and causing early visitors to flee the waters, or simply endure.

The mud was an issue, in many places the ground was just soft, but multiple cars driving over it obviously had an adverse effect in camps and in the parking areas near the range.

Happily the rain stayed away Friday and Saturday, but showed itself late at the very end of the first phase Musket Team match, a brief rainstorm to remind us this is still the Shenandoah Valley.

On my trip home Friday at about 530pm I witnessed a “full-on” double rainbow over the area following yet another shower. I was joking with my wife, it was the “Rapture” rainbow! (No. The End must be scheduled for a different skirmish…)

The Skirmishing

This was the perfect weekend for skirmishing, if you had good waterproof boots, you had as much fun this weekend as any National I can remember.

To me skirmishing is more than the sport. It’s the friends and the casual pleasantries. It’s sharing a beer with someone you haven’t seen for a time. It’s meeting with people who share common goals and common interests, and accomplishing something.

The Events

Well, yes, there was plenty of sport, and we will get to much of that in future posts. The one event that was out of our normal skirmish activities was a Smoothbore Regional All Star Team Match. I’ve got a great video to show you from that event, but alas time has caught up with me and there hasn’t been time to edit it. Perhaps later this week…

What’s Coming Next!

I’ve got lots of photos and videos to share, feel free to contact me if you’d like to share your photos and videos.

I will be interviewing some of the major players in the matches from this weekend.

I have my stats book unpacked (more on that in a moment) and I hope to give you in depth analysis on the matches from this weekend.

Where have I been?

Well, moving, I now live in a new house in West Virginia, about 30 minutes from the Fort. Long story short, I’m back and I’m ready to Skirmish again, and share my point of view with you!

Thanks for checking out my blog, I’ll have at least one new post every week, but because this is the week following a National, expect a follow up blog on Thursday! See you then.

Mike Kendra

(UPDATE: As of 7am the 123rd National Skirmish Results are posted! Click here to view them…)

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Ami May 23, 2011 at 9:52 am

So glad I was able to spend some time at the Fort with you this National! I am really excited about going to some regional shoots with you and not having to miss a cannon match again if I don’t want to! Great article!

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