My Weekend at the 121st Spring Nationals

by Mike Kendra on May 31, 2010

Well, I had a busy weekend at the National Skirmish, I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do, but I still got to do and see an awful lot.

On Friday, I visited the Revolver Team Event Phase I, and took a bunch of photos. Next I enjoyed spending some quality time with my dad at the snack bar and chatted with Paul Baltrunas a bunch.

Then I went up to the barn for the Artillery Meeting, met up with some guys from my region, and also bumped into Phil Spaugy to confirm my smoothbore attendance. Afterwards, I bumped into Linwood McMahon, and we chatted up a few points.

Then it was back to camp to get ready to shoot smoothie. I had a ball shooting smoothbore with the Union Guards, which I covered in a previous blog, that was awesome!

I kinda missed a bunch of Mortar activities, but my team was out there blasting away, I wish I could have been there for that event.

I went to the Membership Meeting, had a few laughs and then back to camp.

Saturday was filled with Breechloader and Cannon activities, we did well shooting our Henry Rifles, had lots of fun. Thank God the rain held off during that event. I went 14 for 20, or so, on the clay board, which is a fantastic improvement for me, thanks for all the encouragement and points you’ve all passed on to me!

Cannon went fabulous for our team, we were shooting our Parrott… we took our load back to old basics and although it took four shots to get it in the V ring, the gun was so manageable and predictable all day. The 47 – 2V was good enough for 6th, 2nd among non-3rd U.S. teams…  I just want to say that 3rd U.S. better watch out. We are dialed in, and if we get some practice this summer we will break into that top three in October, you wait and see!

121st National Opening Ceremony. Click image to view full size.

Musket was fun, our team only fielded a 5 man team, but we broke a lot of targets, and again the most important part was that we had fun! And we stayed dry, at least until it was time to pack up. I felt terrible for the men and women stuck shooting 2nd phase in the rain….

Here is a photo slideshow of many of my weekend activities:


Look for another blog post later this week!

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jfb2md June 1, 2010 at 10:10 am

I enjoyed your slide show. Keep up the good work,

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