My Top 5 Picks to Win at the 124th National

by Mike Kendra on October 3, 2011

I hope the rain stays away this coming weekend, because I am looking forward to a great weekend of shooting at the Fort! As of Sunday, the forecast shows no rain, but do you trust the weathermen? It is National’s Weekend we are talking about.

Next Sunday, even if it rains, men with muskets will compete for top honors in the Musket Team match. Some teams that we are all familiar with have graced the top of the results, The Dismal Swamp Rangers, the 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the 17th Virginia Infantry, the 9th Virginia Cavalry.

The 110th Ohio, 121st National Musket Team Champions

However, one team dominates the winners column: the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. They have won 14 of the last 20 National Musket Team matches.

One must remember however that in the last two National Skirmishes, these Multi-National Champions have slipped finishing 5th a year ago and 4th last May.

Is the 110th OVI’s dominance over , leaving the door open for the rest of the top teams?

I’m not ready to count them out yet, so without further ado, here are my top 5 picks:

The 110th OVI, these guys even when they struggle, always seem to bounce back. I’m confident that they will have a top 5 finish, or an outright win.

The Dismal Swamp Rangers, 123rd National Musket Team Champs.

The Dismal Swamp Rangers, the defending Champions from the Spring National. Can the Swamp Rangers sweep the both of National Skirmishes in 2011? I think they have a shot, but they will need to be more consistant then they have shown in past matches.

The 9th Virginia Cavalry, this team has managed two 2nd Place Finishes in the last two National Matches, there is no reason to not believe that this team will be in the hunt for a win.

The Union Guards has had 3 top 5 finishes in the last 3 National Matches. Look for this team near the top of the results on Sunday afternoon.

My final pick could be a toss up, I’m had a difficult time deciding if the 111th OVI or the Washington Blue Rifles deserves to be the fifth pick, but I’m going to give the 111th the edge, they finished ahead of the Blues at the last National, and found themselves as National Champions twice in recent years.

Oh, now wait a moment, the Blues are Hosting this year, so they aren’t in the hunt this time around.

I should mention that word from the Fort is that the “Range is pretty much done, thanks to the hard work of the skirmish staff in very rough conditions…” on Saturday. As we’ve had near un-ending rains and drizzle since Friday, we should thank the staff for all the hard work they’ve already done for all of us.

As for my picks: I’m sure that these are somewhat “safe” choices, I’m not really going out on a limb with any of them, and I’ve made my picks solely on past National stats. If I had some regional results to work with, I might have different ideas.

Good luck to all the teams! I hope everyone has a safe trip to the Fort, a safe weekend of skirmishing, and a safe trip back home Sunday and Monday.

Make sure you visit Skirmish Notes when you get home, I’ll have results, stories, photos to share with you and more starting Sunday Night. If you have a story or photos to share, contact me as soon as you can. See you at the Fort!


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