My Top Musket Team Picks to Win the 125th National Skirmish

by Mike Kendra on May 9, 2012

It is once again that time of year, when we check our gun boxes to make sure we have enough rounds to shoot and that the lens on our scope is clean. Time to get ready for another National Skirmish!

Last October I never even considered the 8th Virginia when I made my top picks for the 124th National, I hope I don’t make the same mistake this time!

Last Nationals Top 10

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the winners of the next National Skirmish will come from last year’s top 10, although there can always be a surprise, right?

The 124th National Musket Team Champions

The 8th Virginia finished first last October with an impressive time of 423.4 seconds, and third in the spring. Looking back at past National records, it’s hard to ignore the likelihood of repeat winners, so I’d imagine that this team has a good chance to repeat this National skirmish.

The 111th Ohio finished second last fall, just 0.8 seconds behind the 8th Virginia, but they are a host team at this National, so they are out.

The Dismal Swamp Rangers finished third in the fall, and won the spring event. The October results shows a bit longer clay bird board than other top teams, if they can pick up a few seconds this time around they will be in the hunt for another win.

The 122nd National Musket Team Champions

The 17th Virginia Infantry claimed a 4th place finish in October, and also won the National in October of 2010. It looks like the pot event was the troublesome event for them last time around, but if they can pickup a couple seconds, they could also be in the hunt.

The 110th Ohio. Now I expected more from this team, in the last three Nationals they have finished 5th, 4th, and 5th. Could this recent multi-National-Skirmish winning team rise back to the top of the standings in May? I wouldn’t count them out.

The 149th Pennsylvania finished 12th last spring, and 6th last fall, shaving a full minute and 6 seconds off their time. That’s a pretty good improvement, can they improve from 6th to 1st and shave another minute off? That’s a tall order.

The Nansemond Guard finished 4th at the 122nd Nationals in October of 2010, but then slipped to 8th and 7th place finishes last year.

The 9th Virginia Cavalry had a 8th place finish last year, but that followed two consecutive runner up finishes. This is an interesting team to watch out for.

Harlan’s Light Cavalry finished 9th last fall, and had a similar 10th place finish a year prior the that.

The 2nd Maryland Artillery finished 10th at the 124th National, they would need to improve their time by 100 seconds or better to finish at the top of the standings.

And that wraps things up… right?

Wait a minute, what about the Washington Blue Rifles? They were hosts at the last National Skirmish, and they had 6th and 7th place finishes the last two Nationals they shot in. Don’t count them out.

And why aren’t the Union Guards in this list? Oh, look they finished 11th at the last National, how did that happen?

Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be a great National Skirmish, and we will all be surprised by the team taking the Gold Medals home.

Good luck to everyone, and have a safe trip to the range. See you there!

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