My Pick to Win the Musket Match at the 121st National

by Mike Kendra on May 17, 2010

In just one week a new National Musket Team Champion will be crowned, and the 121st National Skirmish will be over. I’m glad I’ll be there to see it, and participate.

I do wonder which team this year will win the musket team match. I’ve been over the stats and here are the teams I think have the best shots at winning the Musket Match…

The Dark Horses

#10 – The 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry has an outside shot at being in the top 10 based on the fact that they finished 7th at the last National, the only top ten they’ve scored in 6 Nationals.

#9 – The 8th Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry has been among the top ten teams for the last five National Skirmishes, but hasn’t finished better than 7th. I expect this team to shoot well and be in the top 10, but it will be impressive if they finish better than 5th.

The Mid-Pack Contenders

#8 – The Dismal Swamp Rangers are a solid team, with finishes of 5th, 5th 10th, 6th and 9th in the last six Nationals, watch this team for great results.

#7 – 2nd Maryland Artillery, yes I know, an Artillery team is not one I’d normally suggest as a top Musket team, but the 2nd really has a good thing going with 5 top ten finishes in the last 6 Nationals, including finishing 2nd at the 117th National.

#6 – 17th Virginia Infantry has three top 5 finishes and five top 10 finishes in the last six National Skirmish Matches, and impressive record, yes!

#5 – The 9th Virginia Cavalry has a great musket team, with two second place finishes in the last 3 Nationals Skirmishes, and four top 5 finishes in the last six National Skirmishes. Could a Gold medal be in their future?

#4 – The Union Guards have been on a bit of a slide recently, but a pair of 2nd place finishes at the 115th and 116th Nationals get them in my top five picks this season.

#3 -  The Washington Blue Rifles has a solid team on paper. They’ve got four 3rd place finishes and one 4th place finish in the last six Nationals. Impressive? Yes. Consistent? Yes! Will they win this year? Time will tell….

The Top Picks

#2 – The 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry deserves to be in the top two teams after winning the National Musket Match at the 117th National, and again last fall at the 120th National, but they’ve only beat my number one team once in the last six years. I’ll be very impressed if they can repeat this year!

#1 – Yes, it’s the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. No team has a better record in the last six National Skirmishes, or the last ten for that matter. The one team, on paper, with any real shot at keeping them out of gold medal contention is the 111th Ohio. Both teams have a great shot at winning based on their records, but I’d give the 110th an edge based on experience.

Of course there is no real way to predict who will win this National, any team can win with preparation, practice, a small bit of luck, and a lot of skills. Good luck to all the teams, have a safe journey to the Fort, and I’ll see you there, and don’t forget to look for my next post, scheduled for Monday.

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Chris Hubbard May 17, 2010 at 4:04 pm

This is a good article, Mike. I sure hope my Buckeye friends, and their Indiana pards can keep the medals on this side of the Alleghenies. Good luck Mid-westerners!

Norm Gibson May 18, 2010 at 12:42 pm

It is always good to see the medals awarded to teams on the west side of the mountains.

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