Jacob Bly Wins Young Skirmisher Award at 122nd National

by Mike Kendra on November 2, 2010

I was very lucky that Jacob Bly returned my email last night, so I’ve pushed up this interview with him, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Here is my interview:

Q: What team do you shoot with, and how long have you been skirmishing?

Jacob: I shoot with the 5th Va. Vol. Inf. I’ve been skirmishing since the Fall of ’07 when i was a sophomore in high school.

Q: When did you join the N-SSA and what was your first skirmish like?

Jacob: I joined the N-SSA in August of 2006 when I was a sophomore. My first skirmish was the Allegheny Regional Skirmish that month. I don’t remember exactly how well I did, but I must have had enough fun because I’m still skirmishing today!

Q: According to the stats you scored a 164-00X to win the Young Skirmisher Award at the 122nd National. What were the scores for each target?

Jacob: I shot a 81-00X at 50 yards and a 83-00X at 100 yards.

Q: What other medals have you won in N-SSA competition this year?

Jacob: Other medals I’ve won this year were at the 121st Nationals in the spring. Our A-Team ended up winning 5th place in A-1 musket class. I also won a 6th place 100 yard carbine medal in Class 3.

Q: You have won the Young Skirmisher Award three other times in the past, how does this years award compare to previous wins?

Jacob: This years award doesn’t seem quite as special, seeing as how this ties my lowest score to win the award. Also, I think the number of competitors for Young Skirmisher has been down this past year.

Q: Do you participate in other marksmanship events outside the N-SSA? Please tell us about these events.

Jacob: I also shoot in BPCR silhouette matches. They consist of shooting at steel silhouettes of animals at 200, 300, 385, and 500 meters with black powder cartridge rifles. I currently hold 3 national records in Intermediate Junior and Junior classes. I think it’s a blast and it’s enjoyable to have more of a challenge created by wind and mirage conditions. Plus, it’s just awesome to hit something that far away and watch it fall over.

Q: What are your personal goals for skirmishing in the future?

Jacob: One of my personal goals for skirmishing is to be able to shoot individual targets better. Another would able to increase my firing rate. As far as team goals, I’d like to see our team be able to perform as well as I’m sure all teams would like to.

Q: What is your favorite part of participating in skirmish events? How does the experience of skirmishing impact your daily life?

Jacob: My favorite thing about participating in skirmishes is getting to shoot as fast as I can accurately and being able to compete with myself and continuously try to better my times. It’s also always fun to compete with my dad for hits. One way it impacts my daily life is by giving me something different and cool to brag about to friends that have never heard of it, but it also somewhat transfers competitiveness toward myself over into daily life.

Thanks Jacob ,and good luck in life and skirmishing! We hope to see your name high on the score sheets again in the future!

If you’ve got a skirmishing story you’d like to share, please send me a message via my contact page.

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