Jacob Bly: 5-time Young Skirmisher Award Winner

by Mike Kendra on June 13, 2011

Jacob Bly, accepting Young Skirmisher Award from Nat'l Commander Linwood McMahon

Jacob Bly, accepting Young Skirmisher Award from Nat'l Commander Linwood McMahon. Photo: M.Kendra

Jacob Bly of the 5th Virginia Volunteer Infantry was awarded his fifth Young Skirmisher Award at the 123rd Nationals Skirmish. This is my second interview with Jacob, you can read my article from the 122nd National here.

When I had heard that Jacob won this award again, I quickly emailed him and he kindly sent a reply. Here is our interview:

SN: Jacob you won your fifth Young Skirmisher Award at the 123rd National Skirmish with a score of 169-01X. What were the scores of your two targets?

Jacob: At 50 yards, I shot a 86-01X and at 100 yards, a 83-00X.

SN: Please describe your time on the firing line. How do you approach each shot?

Jacob: When I go up to shoot for individuals, I take my time and get settled in with a few sighters and then move on and hope for the best! I find it best to just think about one shot at a time, although if I make a few really good shots in a row, I can almost count on completely blowing at least one shot.

SN: How did it feel to compete in this event for the fifth time, and what other individual events did you compete in?

Jacob: It didn’t feel a lot different to compete in it for the 5th time. I was a little worried this time because of being away at college and not getting hardly any trigger time, but I warmed up pretty quick during the previous week. I also shot smoothbore and carbine individuals.

SN: Were you awarded any other medals at this National?

Jacob: Unfortunately no, I didn’t win any other medals this National. Oh well.

SN: Who inspires you to go to skirmishes and compete?

Jacob: I would say the main person that inspires me to compete is my dad. It is always fun to compete against him and myself. I enjoy going because of the number of friendly people that just outright enjoy shooting, even when they aren’t doing well or winning.

SN: Do you have any aspirations to compete in bigger forums? Perhaps a Grand Aggregate medal is in your future?

Jacob: I wouldn’t mind competing on a higher level for sure. I shoot BPC silhouette matches as well, and I’m a little interested in getting into high power competitions, but that probably won’t happen any time soon.

Congratulations Jacob! We hope you continue shooting to the best of your abilities. Good luck in the future!

Mike Kendra, SkirmishNotes.com


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