How the 17th Virginia Gets It Done

by Mike Kendra on November 30, 2009


Today I’d like to present my interview with HP Gregory of the 17th Virginia Infantry. This team is notable because of its accomplishment of winning the Carbine and Revolver Team matches at the 120th National Skirmish.

In the Carbine Team match, the 17th was able to beat the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry by a margin of 13.1 seconds. Their total time was 333.0 seconds, including an impressive 38.5 second time in the 100 yard tile event.

In the Revolver Team match, the 17th impressed with a 78.8 second total time for the entire match consisting of three events. Duff’s 33rd Texas Cavalry came in second place, 22.4 seconds behind the 17th.

Here is my interview with HP:

Q: Who are the members of the winning Carbine team?

HP: Our A carbine team was Tim Thorne, Jim Hiler, Kenny Hodges, Jim Rucker, Fred Detrich, Jon Olinger, Mike Moss and HP Gregory. We feel very lucky to have won the carbine competition. When you shoot against teams like the 110th Ohio, Union Guards, Blue Rifles, 9th VA and many many others you have to have some luck. It normally takes a combination of good shooting and good luck mixed with problems for some of the other teams to win. You never know what can happen. I guess that’s why we go there to shoot.

Q: Who are the members of the winning Revolver team?


HP: The revolver team consisted of Chris Reisch, Tim Thorne, Mike Moss and HP Gregory. We are fortunate to have a lot of good revolver shooters on the 17th. We also have pretty good equipment. I think you have to enjoy shooting to do it well. All our guys and gals have a lot of fun shooting. If we win we enjoy it as much as anyone. If we don’t win we don’t realy get upset over it. I think there is less pressure that way. As you get older I think skirmishing is more about fellowship than winning, but if you do win it’s sorta the gravy on the biscuit.

Q: What did you do to prepare for this National?

HP: As far as preparation, We don’t normally practice as a team but I’m sure a lot of our team members fire a few shots before they come to the Nationals.

When we go to a National we hope that all our teams can be competitive and shoot with the top teams with all guns. If we can come close to doing that we feel pretty good about things.

Q: How many times has your team won in the past (recent or distant)?

HP: In the past ten years we have won carbine one other time. We also have won musket once. We have done well with revolver and smoothbore. I think the best we ever did with repeater was 2nd.

Q: What will your team do to improve on it’s 5th place finish in Musket Team?

HP: As far as our musket teams, we are pretty happy how we placed not only with our A team but with all our teams. Some of our most competitive shooters are on our B, C and D teams. All our guys and gals, no matter what team they shoot on, have their personal motivations for shooting.

At a national we always hope we can be a top ten team if we have a good day. If we meet that expectation we are pretty happy about things. We have done both better and worse than that at times, but we don’t worry about it either way. We go there to enjoy being at the fort and being around our friends… We are just like all the other teams that go there to enjoy the sport.

I’d like to wish the 17th Virginia Good Luck in the future, may they break many tiles and clays!

– PS: I know I have the order of the names under the photos wrong. If anyone can help correct the order, please comment the corrections below.

Next Monday: I’ve assembled an article on Grand Aggregate scores for the past 20 plus years, see you then!

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karen landers December 1, 2009 at 9:51 am

carbine team, back row HP Gregory, Jim Holer. Front row l-r, Tim, Mike, Fred, Jim, Kenny & John. Revolver team left to right, Tim, HP, Chris & Mike. Great article. Personally I was a member of the B & C Carbine & Musket teams, both received medals. My first time to medal in both weapons. Too cool. Carbine team consisted of two of our four female shooters, as well as all three Landers siblings. The Col. would have been proud of us all.

Paul Lampman February 15, 2010 at 4:47 pm

I’ve had the great fortune to shoot with the 17th at a regional or two over the years. They are without question one of the finest teams I’ve ever had contact with. Everyone of them will do anything they can to help you.

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