H.P. Gregory Collects 11th Grand Aggregate Gold

by Mike Kendra on October 18, 2010

Here is the second part of my interview with H.P. Gregory, the 122nd National Skirmish Grand Aggregate winner:

Q: At the 122nd National you won your 11th Grand Aggregate. Can you tell us about the six events you fired, your scores, and any additional medals you were awarded in Individual Competition?

HP: For the Grand Aggregate and 5 Gun Aggregate I new I had to shoot most of it Wednesday since the weather was not looking good for Thursday. I decided to shoot revolver first just to let the light get better on the main range. I had replaced the nipples in my revolver and did not shoot well at 25 yds. I think it was a 91. I was having some shots go off a little slow. I made some changes and shot a 81 at 50 yds.

I then went to the main range. I started off with repeater and didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but as I fired each shot I was feeling a little better about things. I picked up the carbine and finaly started calling my shots and holding pretty good. I ended up with a 93 at 50 then shot a 96 at 100. By then I was feeling more normal and shot a 95 at 50 and a 93 at 100 with the musket. I saved the smootbore till Friday after team revolver. I shot a 94 at 25 and I think a 92 or 93 at 50. I knew my 50 yd score left some room for an old buddy of mine to beat on me and that’s exactly what he did. Over all I was really pleased with my shooting. I’m 60 years old now and feel lucky to still be shooting at this level.

Q: In May of 1997 you won your first National Grand Aggregate. How have your marksmanship skills changed since that time? Have your tools or skills changed?

HP: As far as how my skills have changed over the years, I have had to get smarter to make up for what father time is taking away. I’m more particular about what conditions I shoot in and I try to plan things better. I like to shoot all my 50 yd targets first to let the guns cool off before going to 100. I’m also particular about what guns I shoot first. It’s the little things that can make a difference. The older you get, the more difference they make. As far as the tools of the trade, I’m still shooting a Mississippi 54 musket, a Romano 1st Model carbine in 50 cal., a 44-40 Henry rifle a Rogers revolver that i tuned, and an H&P smoothbore with a Hoyt barrel.

Q: Is it harder now or back in 1997 to win a Grand Aggregate at the National?

HP: I think it’s as hard now as in the past to win a grand. If you check the scores I think you will see they are about the same as they were, but there are some new players in the game. I see some youngins coming along. Heath Silcot is one young man I have high hopes for. Another new name is Bobby Elka. Bobby is going to be in the mix in a big way, and of course there’s Ben Waits. Ben shot a temendous grand in the spring. There’s also Tim and Nori Throne who are both tremendous shots. So the future of the grand and 5 gun aggs look bright. A mixture of young and middle aged and senior shooters who will fight it out for the grand prize.

Q: I need to point out this is the second time you’ve won the Grand Aggregate and the Musket Championship in the same National Skirmish. This must be a rare achievement, does this make the 105th and 122nd Nationals more special to you?

HP: Anytime you can win any award at a N-SSA National it’s special. To win both musket and grand this year means more to me this time simply because I did it again. if I’m lucky enough to repeat in the future it will be even more special.

Q: As an eleven-time winner of the National Grand Aggregate, what goal do you have in Skirmishing going forward?

HP: My goals in the future are to see the team be as successful as the members want it to be, but I don’t want to see any success we have ruin the team. If we win I want to do it the right way, as ladies and gentlemen and sportsmen. Sunday, while we were waiting for the awards ceremony, we received congratulations from more people than I could count. That’s what matters the most to us. The medals and trophies are nice but a hand shake from teams like the 110th, 11th, Blues the Union Guards and so many other top teams is what we will always remember the most.  Strangers always ask me what makes the N-SSA such a great outfit, well that’s an easy one. It’s because of the fine people that are in it.

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Fred Herlinger October 18, 2010 at 2:31 pm

And with out doubt, HP is one of those fine people! Congrats to you HP!

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