Best National Skirmish in Years

by Mike Kendra on October 10, 2009

morning_musketThere aren’t many things I’d change in my visit to Fort Shenandoah for the 120th Nationals Skirmish. In fact I’d say that it was one of the best National Skirmishes in a long time.

First, you have to give credit to the staff, the bathrooms were kept clean and well stocked. The events were run on time, target material seemed to be delivered quickly, and the tower was able to make everyone on the line smile but still keep strict control of every event.

Thank you staff of the 120th, you did yourselves proud.

Then there was the weather, it was excellent for a National Skirmish. I think we got a small sprinkle of rain on Friday afternoon, but beyond that that the weather was dry, lots of sun, and very comfortable temperatures. The nights were cold and mostly clear, but not too cold in my opinion.

Now, I had seen some evidence that turnout was a bit off this National, the firing line for individual matches seemed quiet Friday. I also noted that on Sunday when I went to the base of the tower to find an extra shooter, but there wasn’t any to be found. In fact after standing there waiting from about 7 am till 7:50 am, there were about 20 teams looking for extra shooters, and only one team actually got a shooter (it wasn’t me even though I was there first, grrrr…).

I asked the Executive Secretary about individual target sales, she told me they were slightly off. After further discussion we agreed that with the economy the way it is, many people probably can’t take as much time off from work.

Friday night I was happy to see a large turnout for the membership meeting, which was short and… interesting (watch for a future post on that one).

After the meeting I was happy to see sutlers row busy, very busy for 8:00 pm at night. Later I was happy to hear the fife and drum corps playing, always a treat!

Saturday afternoon there was a large turnout for the awards ceremony at the memorial circle, and although sutlers seemed quiet that evening, the fife and drums started up again, this time competing for performance time with a lone marching bag-piper, which was also a nice touch!

If you missed this National and wanted to be there, you should probably be jealous!

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Norm Gibson October 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

Can’t agree with you about the bathrooms. In area five the bathroom cleaning crew didn’t unplug the men’s toilets they just covered them with garbage bags. First time I have ever seen that. One of our guys went in and unpluged them.

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