17th Virginia Back On Top of Their Game

by Mike Kendra on October 11, 2010

Yesterday I contacted H.P.Gregory of the 17th Virginia Infantry, the 122nd National Skirmish Musket Team Champions, and he agreed to an interview. Enjoy!

Q: What was the reaction of your team when you learned that you’d won the National Musket Match?

HP: I don’t think anyone knew we had a shot at the top spot. I knew we started off pretty strong on the bird board but we slowed down on the 50yd tiles so I thought we may have shot ourselves in the foot. Then we sorta held our own on the hanging birds so I told the guys, for once lets let the pots help us instead of hurting us. As it turned out they did help us. When it came to the 100yd tiles all we needed to do was have a decent event, which we did. When I added the times up I knew we had beat our best time ever by almost a minute. It was at that point I thought we might have a chance at a top 3 placing. It was a while before we found out we were in first place at the end of the first phase. I was pretty surprised.

Q: Who are the members of the winning Musket Team?

HP: Our musket team consisted of; Gary Mcdonald, Kenny Hodges, Bobby Elka, Chris Reisch, Jim Hiler, Jim Rucker, Tim Thorne, and HP Gregory.

Q: How many members of the team were also members of the 105th National Musket Team?

HP: I believe there were only two of us from the previous winning team.

Q: How does this win compare to the 105th National Championship?

HP: This win means a lot more to us than last time. We all felt that last time we sorta lucked into it a little. Our time was around 454 seconds. While not a bad time it normally doesn’t win. This time around we felt our time of 396 seconds was a little more deserving of the win, but there was still a lot of luck involved. When you win against teams like the 110th, 111th, Washington Blues, the Union Guards and many many other top teams, you always have to have good luck on your side and maybe a little bad luck on theirs. Thats what makes it such an interesting sport.

Q: In the five events, was there any drama, or notable achievements by the team?

HP: This time around we did three things that made a difference. We had a good board and we used the pots to help us instead of letting them hurt us. Most of all we were pretty steady across the board. We had 5 decent events.

Q: Did any of your teammates win medals at the 122nd National for any individual or team matches?

HP: As far as individual awards from our team members I will just say there were quite a few and leave it at that.

Q: How did the B, C, and D Musket Teams Perform at this National?

HP: The 17th’s B musket team came in third and our C team came in first. Our D team was sorely under manned and really didn’t have a chance to do well. I would like to say that the 17th is lucky in that a lot of our folks like to shot all 5 guns. I’m pretty sure our lowest placing for A thru C team with all the guns at this National was 5th place or better. I would also like to mention that we have some of the best shooting girls in the N-SSA on our teams and they all do a mighty fine job.

Check back next Monday for Part II of my interview with H.P. to discuss his National Grand Aggregate Win. Also keep an eye out for a report later this week on the National Results and more.

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Phil Spaugy October 11, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Well shot 17th !!!! Worthy champions of our great association !

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