124th National Skirmish, Into the Record Books

by Mike Kendra on October 10, 2011

I had a wonderful and busy weekend at Fort Shenandoah. I didn’t shoot very well, to my own standards, but Skirmishing days are so much more satisfying than other days, don’t you think?

8th Virginia Infanrty, Musket Team Champs


Unlike me, there were men and women who had very good shooting days, here are some of those results:

The 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry beat the 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry by a mere 0.8 seconds for the Class A-1 Musket Team Championship, followed by the Dismal Swamp Rangers, the 17th Virginia Infantry, and the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

The 17th Virginia topped the sheets in the A-1 Carbine Team Match, trailed by the 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, the 110th Ohio, the 111th Ohio, and Harlan’s Light Cavalry.

Revolver Team Matches were dominated by the 17th Virginia as well, followed closely by the Nanesmond Guard, the 2nd Maryland Artillery, CSA, the 66th North Carolina Regiment, Co. C, and the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.

Ben Waits Wins the Grand Agg Again!

In Individual events, Ben Waits earned yet another National Grand Aggregate Medal with a score of 543-7X, and the 5 Gun Aggregate was won by T. Thorne with a score of 908-16X.

National Match Sponsorship Program

From my perspective, I believe this is a good program, and I’m surprised it took this long to realize the potential of a Sponsor/Advertising Program.

If you didn’t attend, you missed the large banners hung on the range towers with names like Goex and such, with accompanying announcements between relays for the sponsoring brand. It was all jolly and yet strange to hear and see. Yes, it’s new, and some might view it as “selling out”, but really, I think we’ve been under valuing ourselves as an organization.

I thought the announcing and the placement of the messages during the match were “just okay”. My brother made the point that having the same voice for both range commands and sponsor messages was perhaps confusing and dangerous. He wondered if shooters would learn to “tune-out” the sponsor messages and then miss important range commands.

My brother and I agreed that perhaps a second different announcer pre-record the sponsor messages, perhaps a female voice when a male is giving range commands, or vise versa, would be a good improvement.

The Good Weather Nationals

When was the last time you went to Fort Shenandoah for a National Skirmish and there wasn’t any rain?

Let that sink in, there wasn’t rain from Wednesday to Sunday, although some days were cool, it was perfect weather.

The Shooting

Well, as stated earlier, it didn’t rain, so the shooting was fantastic and everyone, even those with a lousy score had a smile on their face.

My Photos

I’ve created three Facebook Albums with photos from the National Skirmish, here are the links to those albums:

SkirmishNotes Albums on Facebook



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John Brown October 18, 2011 at 1:42 pm


Great job on this site. Just a note Ben Waits is the only shooter in the NSSA to have 200 points for a DSCA medal. His 200 point DSCA is in the revolver Group. In looking at the other DSCA groups Musket top shooter is 9128 I think that is H P Gregory with 168 points. Carbine is Ben Waits with 145 points. 2 shooters are tied for the Breech-loader title with 155 points. One is 9128 I think HP again and the other is 3590 and I do not know who that is. Smoothbore is Tim Thorne with 55 points. 5 Gun is also Tim Thorne with 101 points. I wish I could shoot like they do!

Mike Kendra October 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Thanks John,

I’m planning to do a DSSA/DSCA article this winter, these guys really get some amazing scores.

Donald Miller October 19, 2011 at 10:14 am

This really looks like a lot of fun along with a great deal of effort to practice to improve and maintain the skills necessary to win a competition of this size. The guy in the green shirt needs to grow sideburns for next year. Congradulations to your team , the hard work has payed off.
I wonder if there is a team in my area ?

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