124th National All-Star Stake Event Photos & Results

by Mike Kendra on October 20, 2011

On Friday, October 7th, 2011, at Fort Shenandoah, during the 124th National Skirmish, an All-Star Stake Event was held. Each team consisted of 16 of the finest men (and women!) from each of 13 Regions assigned to two adjacent positions, firing on the same frame. Well, okay, maybe they aren’t all the finest, there probably were some who are more rough around the edges…

But let’s not get bogged down in the details!

Now, you should remember, the stake event has had a bit of a troubled history. You see, there are skirmishers who think that it’s not a fair target, there is too much luck involved, and that it’s just rubbish.

There was a time when the Stake Event was a National Event. (Well it just was, look it up.) The faster you broke the stake, the better your team score.

But then sometime in the 70′s (I think, don’t question me…) we dropped Stakes from the National Target list in favor of… other targets….

So, I’m glad that we’ve tripled down in this event, and have THREE stakes per team…

Now that’s a Grade A stake event!… and I stole that photo from Phil Spaugy, he posted it on the N-SSA bulletin board back in August, I hope he doesn’t mind.

Hi Phil!

So, how many teams do you think completed this crazy 5 minute event and broke all three stakes? Three teams? Five?

Well, you’re wrong!

I can tell you that every team finished the event!

And I think I’d be accurate in saying that this event was a hoot! I don’t think I’ve heard as much hollering and laughing since the last Vet’s Skirmish, and that says a lot!

So here are some photos, I’m featuring each Regional All-Star Team in the order they finished in this event. I hope that’s acceptable to everyone, this blog isn’t a democracy!

Now, on a personal note, I’m a bit disappointed, I got mostly butts and backs in these photos, but I’m not bullet-proof so it will have to do.

Also, I know that the safety officers play a very important role, but please watch a little Vanna White on TV, if you get that strut down and… well, …no maybe that’s not a good idea…

Anyway! Please enjoy!

Above: 1st Place, 90.0 Seconds, Pos. 45 & 46, The Potomac Region

Above: 2nd Place, 100.6 Seconds, Pos. 47 & 48, Tidewater Region

Above: 3rd Place, 109.2 Seconds, Pos. 41 & 42 North East Region

Above: 4th Place, 117.4 Seconds, Pos. 27 & 28 Chesapeake Region

Above: 5th Place, 118.0 Seconds, Pos. 31 & 32 Central Virginia Region

Above: 6th Place, 122.1 Seconds, Pos. 39 & 40 Midwest Region

Above: 7th Place, 134.9 Seconds, Pos. 35 & 36 New England Region

Above: 8th Place, 135.0 Seconds, Pos. 33 & 34 Deep South Region

Above: 9th Place, 135.0 Seconds, Pos. 25 & 26 Allegheny Region

Above: 10th Place, 136.4 Seconds, Pos. 49 & 50 Western Region

Above: 11th Place, 146.8 Seconds, Pos. 43 & 44 North West Region

Above: 12th Place, 160.2 Seconds, Pos. 29 & 30 Carolina Region

Above: 13th Place, 178.1 Seconds, Pos. 37 & 38 Middle Atlantic Region



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