First Ever “All Ladies” Mortar Team at National

by Mike Kendra on October 16, 2009


Standing left to right are Clesta Rhodes, Autumn Gergely, and Ashleigh Venskoske. Kneeling in front is Katie Scanlan.

This team represents the 1st Maryland Cavalry with a 24lb Bronze Coehorn. At the 120th National Skirmish, October 2009, they placed 24th out of 51 participating teams.  Way to go ladies!

I know that there was an all ladies mortar team featured in the Skirmish Line a few issues back, but I think that was a regional skirmish. I don’t remember, was it the same team?

When will we see an all ladies Musket Team?

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(Look for a 120th National Mortar Match video featuring the 1st Maryland and other teams, coming soon!)


UPDATE 10/17 – I got an email from Tim Scanlan: “Actually our Womens’ Mortar team has been competing for the last 7 years at most National’s. Missed a couple for bad weather…. The 1st Va Volunteers may have had the 1st ladies team at a National and they have won it twice also. You could check with Robbie West (Nat Artillery Officer) to confirm as his wife was on the team.  Tim”

I’m not sure why the tower announced that it was the “first” at a National then… I’ll email Robbie and get the scoop! Thanks for emailing me Tim!

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Roy L Dail November 24, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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