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Mike KendraHello, and thanks for visiting my blog. So you want to know more about me? You want to know who I am? Let me see if I can help you.

I was born in October of 1976. My dad actually missed a Nationals skirmish when I was born. I was such a trouble maker!

I used to attend skirmishes with my dad all the time, and just loved getting out of school every May and October to go down to the Fort.

I won my very first skirmishing medal at the 80th Nationals in October 1989. I participated in the costume competition, and I was awarded 2nd place Youth Military Costume.

I started skirmishing in the N-SSA in 1991, I got to shoot my first team musket match at the October Nationals that year.

I’m a member of Battery B, 1st New Jersey Light Artillery, we are currently based in the Northern New Jersey area, and are part of the New England Region. We attend skirmishes, parades, and occasional living histories and reenactments in our local region, including skirmishes in Middletown, NY and Springtown, PA.

As a skirmisher I’ve won more than 80 medals in Regional and National competition. I’ve participated in the following Individual and Team Events: Musket, Carbine, Revolver, Breechloader, Smoothbore, Mortar, and Rifled Artillery.

My Current N-SSA Statistics:

  • My Personal Best Regional Score: 49-2X (of a possible 50-5X) with the Smoothbore in September 2008
  • My Personal Best Nationals Score: 92-2X with the Musket at the 116th National in October 2007
  • 2009 – 6 Medals
  • 2008 – 26 Medals including 1 National Gold
  • 2007 – 25 Medals including 1 National Gold
  • 2006 – 19 Medals
  • 2005 – 7 Medals
  • From 1991 to 2004 – 4 Medals including 1 National Gold

I was the Vice President and Adjutant for my team from 1997 to 2010, currently I serve as the Assistant Ordnance Sergeant. I was also a part of the History and Education Committee of the N-SSA for a few years.

I’m currently employed as a Computer Systems Tech for Time and Attendance systems. I also run a number of web sites besides this one, including Blog4Webmasters.com, CivilWarTalk.com, CivilWarWiki.net, and my teams web site, 1NJLA.com.

I am married to my wonderful wife Ami, who lets me go skirmishing almost any time I want (she’s a keeper!). I have two sons, Adam and Nathan, and I’m excited about getting them into skirmishing, I hope to get Adam into air-rifle shooting soon!

I hope you enjoy my blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog feed.

Mike Kendra


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